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  • We will assist you with software implementation, data conversion, set-up and configuration to meet your business needs.
  • Read the built-in HELP for a general explanation about each module and feature. Invoke the context-sensitive HELP by clicking the “?” at the top-right corner of each window.
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  • Our IT experts are ready to assist you with installation, networking, server set-up, and workstation settings.
  • Our writers are ready to customize existing or new reports to meet your specific requirements.
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Can I use Property Boulevard over the Internet?

Yes. Property Boulevard can be deployed as service (SAS) over the Internet. This deployment is a complete service that includes unlimited traffic, backup, mirroring, updates and upgrades. If you have a stable Internet connection, you are ready to step into the advanced features of Property Boulevard from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Can I use Property Boulevard on my own computer?

Yes. Property Boulevard can be deployed as a standard Windows software on your computer or local area network (LAN), without any Internet connection.

How long does it take to get Property Boulevard up and running?

The installation of Property boulevard takes less than two minutes. Once installed it is ready to be used. Call our support line to select the implementation program that best fit your business.

Can I use Property Boulevard on my MAC?

For on-line deployment your MAC is ready. For on-premises deployment you should install a Windows session on your MAC (e.g. Parallel or Bootcamp or similar). Property Boulevard is a Windows program, not native OSX software.

Can I transfer data from my old software to Property Boulevard?

Yes. You may import any rent-roll via Excel. Property Boulevard also provides Data-transfer program from other legacy software packages.

Can I customize my own reports?

Yes. In addition to more than 300 reports already included in Property Boulevard, you may create new reports in Word or Excel. You may also create new reports (or modify existing ones) with Crystal Reports. If you require any assistance, our report-writers are ready to assist you or customize any report for you that meets your special requirements.

How do I get updates?

All updates and software upgrades are automatically downloaded via the internet and ready to be installed.


Do I have to post tenants’ charges every month?

No.  Property Boulevard automatically post all recurring charges (usually, at the wee hours of the night).   There is no need for manual postings.

Can I customize MICR checks?

Yes. The MICR (or pre-printed) check can be fully customized to fit any window-envelope or just your preferences.

How many bank-accounts can I use?

Property Boulevard supports unlimited bank-accounts with a separate ledger and reconciliation for each account.

How should I pay bills?

Property Boulevard supports four methods of payments: (i) check, (ii) credit-card, (iii) EFT/ACH, and (iv) cash payment. You may use any combination of these methods, including unlimited partial-payments of any invoice.

Do I have to post late-fee charges?

No. Property Boulevard calculates and posts late-fees on its own. You only set the rules and activate them once.

Can I designate more than one owner to each property?

Yes. Property Boulevard supports unlimited number of owners at each property, each owner with respective percentage of ownership. Calculations of 1099s and owner-payments are done accordingly.


How should I collect my management fee?

Set the rules once and activate it at your whim.  You may calculate and post management-fee at any frequency of your choice.

How should I pay the property’s balance to the owners?

Set the rules once and let Property Boulevard calculate and process owner’s payments in a single mouse click, across many properties or a just one.

Can I file 1099 and 1096 over the Internet?

Yes. Property Boulevard let you chose the filing method (paper or e-file). For e-filing, you should obtain permission from the IRS and setup FCC account accordingly.

Can I email financial-reports to the owners?

Yes. You may select the financial statements you wish to email for each property and email all statements in a single mouse-click, to all or selected properties.

Can I email statements to tenants?

Yes. With Property Boulevard you can email any statement (past, current, or future), letter or notice with a single mouse-click, to one or many tenants.

Can I email work-orders to vendors?

Yes. You can email any work-order to pertaining vendors with a single-mouse-click.

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