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Property Management Software

Property Boulevard is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software for property management ever created. The differences between Property Boulevard and our competitors are so great and fundamental that we are widely considered a brand new concept in property management software. Property Boulevard keeps track of multiple buildings and multiple users interfacing on a network, on-site or in the cloud.


Receivable Charges

  • Multiple recurring charges per tenant
  • Completely automated recurring charges
  • Multiple recurring charges per unit
  • Time-sensitive recurring charges
  • Custom charges
  • Subsidies (such as Section 8)
  • Automated rent increases
  • Automated late fee
  • Powerful CAM charges and reconciliation
  • Security deposits and refund management

Receivable Payment

  • ePay – Complete automated, unattended payment via one of our ACH processor partners
  • Portal – Complete online payment via one of our portal partners
  • Cash receipts
  • Receipts from a 3rd party (Section 8)
  • Receipt not from a tenant (non-rental receipt)
  • Dynamically apply/waive late fee
  • Returned (NSF) check
  • Write-offs
  • Discounts


Payable Charges

  • Recurring charges
  • Completely automated recurring charges
  • Auto start/end recurring charges
  • Vendor restrictions
  • Separate check requirement
  • Cashier check requirement
  • Management fee
  • Payment to owner

Payable Payment

  • MICR check (no ordering checks)
  • User-defined check layout
  • e-banking, direct deposit, EFT
  • Cashier’s check
  • Reserve amount
  • Property’s virtual balance

Accounting & Banking


  • Both accrual and cash at all times
  • Financial statements per property
  • Aggregate (consolidated) financial statements
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed asset management
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Automated reversal in next period
  • Cross-reference to external chart


  • Multiple bank accounts, linkable to individual or multiple properties
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account register
  • MICR deposit slip
  • Deposit slip per property
  • Combined deposit slip per account



  • Human Resources profiling
  • Departmental payroll
  • Automated calculations of taxes and withholdings
  • Multiple payment methods: check, direct deposit, debit card, ADP/Intuit
  • Union payroll
  • Certified payroll (prevailing wages)



  • Multi-states payroll
  • Individual pay period
  • Pension programs
  • Loans and advances
  • Benefits programs (401k, Cafeteria, health care, etc.)
  • W-2, W-3, 940, state’s quarterly


Productivity and Security Features


  • Custom tool bar
  • Security-controlled visibility
  • Online help
  • Free user support forums
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Automatic updates

Paperless Office

  • Multiple comments per item
  • Support for digital images
  • External document attachments


  • Separate login for each user
  • Custom security per user
  • Restrict access to specific functions
  • Restrict access to specific properties
  • Window/feature-level security
  • Ability to turn on-off
  • Graceful switch to a single user mode

Unit and Tenant Management Features


  • User-defined unit type
  • Unit size and market value
  • Bedroom, bathroom, key, parking
  • User-defined utilities
  • User-defined appliances
  • User-defined amenities
  • User-defined fields
  • Events log


  • Alternate tenant address
  • Property-sensitive pool
  • Multiple leases
  • Custom anniversary date
  • Events log
  • User-defined status
  • User-defined fields
  • Restrictive charges, payments and legal notices
  • User-defined tenant’s status


  • Multiple tenants per unit
  • Multiple units per tenant
  • Multiple leases for each tenant-unit
  • Multiple recurring charges for each tenant-unit
  • Separate move-in/move-out to/from each unit

Legal Notices

  • Pre-loaded standard notices
  • User-defined notices
  • Single tenant process
  • Multiple tenants process
  • Selective recipients (scoping by criterion)
  • Restrictions (in legal)

Vendors, Maintenance, and Inventory

Work Orders

  • Materials list
  • Multiple vendors assignment
  • Vendor’s schedule
  • Vendor’s budget
  • Workforce details
  • Priority
  • Scheduled start/end
  • Actual start/end
  • Delineated costs
  • Marked-up costs
  • Charge tenant
  • Charge owner/vendor
  • Work order progress level
  • Form printout
  • Re-open

Purchase Order

  • Property level
  • Unit level
  • Ship via
  • Selectable destination
  • Multiple receipts
  • Vendor’s part number
  • Link to payable
  • Controls payable

Tool and Equipment Tracking

  • Tool classification and grouping
  • Item serial number
  • Tool/equipment tracking
  • Usage history


  • Formatted part number
  • User-defined unit of measurement
  • Item cost and item price
  • Item class
  • Man-hour per item (means book)
  • Multiple vendors per item
  • Cross-reference to vendor’s catalogs
  • Assembly and bill-of-materials (BOM)
  • Multiple evaluations (standard, average and last cost)
  • Price comparison
  • Substitution
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Order level
  • Order quantity
  • Physical inventory process
  • Audited physical inventory
  • Spend analysis
  • Consumption analysis

Property Boulevard Matrix

Do you want to compare Property Boulevard with other software? Download our Features Matrix (PDF, 60k) and compare!