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Property Management Software

Property Boulevard is the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software for property management ever created. The differences between Property Boulevard and our competitors are so great and fundamental that we are widely considered a brand new concept in property management software. Property Boulevard keeps track of multiple buildings and multiple users interfacing on a network, on-site or in the cloud.

A New Paradigm

Apart from its many features and ease of use, Property Boulevard introduces two unique concepts that  distinguish it from all  similar software products:

Property Boulevard is a management tool, not just accounting software

To the extent possible,  accounting functions are placed in the background,not at the forefront. In fact, accounting and financial statements are designed as  just another software module.

The core  of Property Boulevard is the business itself, not the reflection of that business via the narrow view of accounting. This philosophy enables you to enter transactions in the most intuitive way, avoiding the struggle with accounting issues.

For example, a check (or cash) collected from a tenant is simply entered, independent of any debit, credit or accounting balance. Property Boulevard performs all  accounting functions behind the screen, while offering the strongest and most feature rich software available.  It is currently the only software that simultaneously runs both accrual-based and cash-based systems. This allows you to print a full set of financial statements and switch between accrual and cash at your whim.

However, none of this is prerequisite. If you wish, you may manage your property, collect rents, pay bills, issue legal notices, conduct repair and maintenance, and much more, without ever closing a month or printing financial statements. Even bank reconciliation is done independently. Closing each fiscal month and printing financial statements is highly recommended, but not a must. If you wish, you may close once a quarter, once a year or never. You can still efficiently and effectively manage your business without closing a fiscal year. You don’t have to be a CPA!


No Batches, Real-Time Software

Property Boulevard does not use loading, posting or batches unless it is the nature of the process. Each transaction stands on its own merit and is immediately visible to all other users on the network. This concept allows you to correct any mistake at its source, not just offset it arithmetically.  You may delete or correct an erroneous entry at any time.

For example, if an incorrect charge was entered, you may simply delete it at any time. If a mistake was made while entering payments from tenants, you can simply erase that mistake. Audit trails are  kept in the background. That means that any list, ledger or report is clean and includes only valid transactions.


Property Management Software

Property management software makes it easy for property owners, professional property managers and realtors and businesses to handle their day-to-day tasks. It simplifies everything in a such a way that staying organized is effortless. From storing
property information & tenant details to making reports and managing payments, a property management software is designed to perform all the tasks with ease.

Property Boulevard is a property management software that comes with a plethora of advanced features and functions remotely to optimize businesses process with ease. It helps increase efficiency, performance and transparency by simplifying the tasks. You don’t need technical expertise or knowledge for that matter. It is designed to automate tasks so that you can focus on other important tasks.

Choosing The Best Property Management Software

Finding the best property management software is the key to effective property management using a software. Manually doing everything like taxes, collecting rent, screening future renters, paperwork, maintenance and a hundred other things, takes a lot of time. Which is why property management system software like Property Boulevard exists. It takes all the stress and workload out of the equation.This is a property management software for landlords, for professional property managers, for individuals and businesses. It is for anyone who is looking for ahassle-free way to manage their property.

You can look at it as a property management accounting software or property maintenance software. It can do all the tasks needed to efficiently manage your property from one location. Don’t worry about the data security as it is completely secure with features like regular data backups and data privacy.

When you are looking for the best property management software, look for a reliable platform that is easy to use, customizable and cost-effective. You will be happy to know that Property Boulevard includes all those things. It is a property management software that can work as your personal manager.

Who Needs Property Boulevard Property Management Software

Property Boulevard software for property management is for anyone or anyorganization that deals with properties. It is for property owners, real estate companies,retailors, property managers and more.

You can manage everything from one platform from payments to taxes to fines and file reports with ease. You can use the various features to automate tasks like reminders, creating reports, and more. It combines everything in one place – accounting, communicating, online payments, documents management, processing, and more. It is a hassle-free solution that ensures smooth operation. Both property managers and renters/buyers can stay up to date with latest developments. It can both save time and cost and help you stay organized and stress-free.

Our property management software is designed to provide easy and cost-saving solution. Try it for free and see the difference it can make.

Product Modules

A key grouping of modules is provided with our property management software. These modules provide everything a smaller business needs to succeed, without the burden of excess features or cost.

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