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Property Management Software

Property Management Software

If you are considering utilizing the benefits of property management software, take a look at Property Boulevard. Our software does all the things that the traditional accounting software management systems do, but it also does a lot more. Primarily, Property Boulevard serves as a property management solution, helping to streamline and automate all of the tasks associated with property management. All of your accounting services are performed automatically in the background as data and information are entered. Reports can be generated and printed with the click of a button, and the countless useful features of our robust property management software can be accessed from any location, including your mobile devices.

What You Can Expect from Property Boulevard

With more versatility and more functions, our software goes far beyond the basic accounting and property management software abilities of other system providers. Whether you own or manage one property or one thousand properties; whether you own or manage residential or commercial properties; Property Boulevard is an amazing tool that you must try to believe. For this reason, we are offering a free, no obligation 30-day trial period. If at the end of the 30-day trial period, you're not convinced that Property Boulevard is the perfect solution to your accounting and property management needs, you can cancel your service with no charge.

Some of the Features of Our Property Management Software

Property Boulevard enables landlords to keep track of tenants:

  • Customized tenant profiles
  • Customized property and individual unit profiles
  • Your choice of email, phone call, or text message notifications when rent is due
  • Your choice of email, phone call, or text message notifications when maintenance or repairs are scheduled
  • Generate checks to service providers directly from your bank account
  • Track payments made and payments received
  • Issue legal notices
  • Interface with all or specific users on-site, on your network, or in the cloud

Who is Our Property Management Software for?

Property Boulevard is perfect for landlords who want to scale up their rental property businesses. Whether you own one property, multiple properties, or scores of properties; if you intend to scale up your business, Property Boulevard is must-have for you. Our software empowers landlords to operate more efficiently as well as save time and money. We provide advanced on-location and web-based property management and accounting services. You can add users to your network at will, and strictly control which information each user is privileged to see.

What stands out about Property Boulevard

One of the reasons our clients love Property Boulevard is that it's so easy to use. Regardless of your level of techspertise, you will find Property Boulevard to be simple. If you ever have trouble with our software, we offer round the clock technical support and a host of resources, such as videos and articles to help you assimilate and troubleshoot your problems. As easy as Property Boulevard is to use, it is still the most dynamic and detail-oriented property management software on the market today.

Property Boulevard
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