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Property Management Accounting

Property Management Accounting

Having some properties with multiple tenants requires a viable property management and accounting solution. Property Boulevard is the perfect property management accounting software to help you manage your workload and simplify your life. Ideal for owners and property managers, our software takes care of the accounting for you, which allows for more time to be spent tending to other important matters. Some landlords still use outdated Spreadsheets, Word documents, and paper notebooks to keep records of their numerous properties with all of their vital details.

Organize Your Life; Climb Out from Under the Clutter

Property management accounting requires real-time data entries that are simply not possible to keep up with for most landlords due to their busy schedules. These landlords usually have dinner tables full of notes at home and piles of files in their home offices, making life cluttered and difficult. Such landlords tend to lose track of things and can never seem to find the right record at the right time. If this is you, then you need Property Boulevard.

Better Manage Your Human Resources

Managing human resources, like service providers and contractors, takes its own sweet time. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all of your responsibilities. As your real estate portfolio grows, so do your obligations. The number of people you have to collect rent from each month and the number of service providers you have to hire and cut checks for grows proportionally. Surrounded by properties, records, and tenants with their own issues, you need a helpful solution. Property Boulevard gives you location-based, web-based, and cloud-based property management accounting software that works for you.

Try Our Software for Free

Property Boulevard comes with a comprehensive dashboard, portfolio management for properties, tenant management, income/expenses tracking, reporting, and a friendly reminder system. Download our software for free, and try it for 30 days. There is no pressure to buy, and you are free to cancel anytime if you aren't 100% certain that Property Boulevard is the answer to your property management accounting woes.

After Downloading, Get to Know Your Software

The first thing to do after downloading is to get to know your software. Take some time to navigate around your dashboard, understand and customize all of your setups and features, set up your streams of revenue and notifications. Property Boulevard is feature-rich and can do more than you probably realize. If you have questions or require technical support, don't hesitate to give us a call or reach out online. We're here to help round the clock.

After you've customized your profile and set up your streams of revenue, late fees, CAM fees, and so forth; set it and forget it! Our software does the rest of the work for you. For example, if rent is ever late from a tenant, our system will notice it and kick a message out to the property landlord and manager (if there is one). If a date for routine lawn care or other property maintenance is scheduled, our system will give you a notice by your preferred method (phone call, email, or text message), and it'll even print a check for you.

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