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Management Property Software

Management Property Software

Property Boulevard is a dynamic management property software that simplifies and streamlines every aspect of accounting and property management. As many of you already know, managing all of your properties' data and information by hand, Spreadsheet, or Word document is a time-consuming and tedious task. Aside from being overwhelming and stressful, such data entry methods are prone to errors. Do yourself a favor, and check out Property Boulevard. See for yourself what our users are saying about, and download it for free to get your Free 30-day trial. There's no obligation to buy, no fine print hidden fees, and you are free to cancel your service after thirty days if you aren't convinced that Property Boulevard is perfect for you.

Accounting is Second to Management Assistance

Whether you own one property or 1000 properties, Property Boulevard is the perfect record-keeping tool and property management assistant. Property Boulevard is the most feature-rich management property software on the market today, offering far more than the traditional accounting software systems do. With Property Boulevard, accounting is a secondary function performed by the system automatically. In other words, all of your accounting services are performed in the background. Reports, lists, and records are kept automatically as data is entered, but Property Boulevard's primary focus is on helping landlords manage their workloads more proficiently. For example, Property Management makes posting rental units easier.

Post Each Rental Unit Only Once!

Traditionally, when you are ready to place a unit for rent, you have to post your unit on each "For Rent" website and platform. This means entering all of your property information over and over, and when you rent the unit, you have to go back to each site and remove the listing. With Property Management, you enter all of your property information, including images and square footage, and save it into our management property software. Then, our software automatically uploads and posts your property on all of the major "For Rent" sites for you.

Take Control with Property Boulevard

Property Boulevard is all about convenience and accuracy in addition to simplicity. Our software allows landlords to focus their time and attention on other critical areas of their lives and business, and spend more time doing the things they love. After all, you didn't become an investor to be an employee for your own business; you became an investor so you could make more money and have more time for yourself. Being a landlord often requires all of your time to be devoted to collecting rent, addressing tenant needs and concerns, arranging or performing maintenance to your properties and so forth. Property Boulevard can send notifications when rent is due, allow you to create individual tenant profiles, property/unit profiles, schedule repairs and routine maintenance, and it can even print checks for your service providers directly from your bank account.

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