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Landlord Software

Landlord Software to Know About

If you happen to collect rent on one or more properties, you already know that the job of being a property manager can be more than a challenge. What if we told you about landlord software that simplified the entire process or rent collections? Property Boulevard may be the software solution for you.

Property Boulevard landlord software is much more than a simple accounting tool. When you put it to good use, Property Boulevard is the most landlord-friendly way to streamline all aspects of your property management operations. Use this brilliant landlord software on-site or use it from your remote location. Either way, this real-time data processor for landlords and property managers can simplify your day to day business in a big, big way.

What sort of property do you manage?

1. Software solution for residential landlords

Property Boulevard landlord software is just right for managers of single-family dwellings, multi-family apartment complexes and busy college dormitories. Property managers who tend to the business of leasing vacation homes and renting subsidized housing units also appreciate the ease and simplicity proffered by Property Boulevard.

Use our software, and you can expect less friction with tenants. Property Boulevard enables workflow calculations and allocations for every sort of lease. With a single click, landlords are able to reconcile recoverable expenses while keeping an accounting for each individual tenant.

2. Commercial property manager software

Managers of retail shopping malls and busy office buildings use Property Boulevard to handle the billing and paperwork that could overwhelm otherwise. Industrial buildings, airports, seaports, self-storage facilities and data centers are other kinds of property that can be effectively managed with this remarkable landlord software solution.

3. HOA software

If you are involved with your local homeowner's association, you will be glad to know that Property Boulevard works wonderfully for your purposes. Versatility and ease of use are hallmarks of this uber helpful software program. Develop a complex budget in a fraction of the time and automate your HOA fee collections. With Property Boulevard, members can set up automated ACH and online portal payments.

  • Print and process covenant violations with a mouse click
  • Facilitate online work orders
  • Deploy landlord software on-site or online
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Build a database that makes sense to you
  • E-mail all residents with a click
  • Manage HOA elections with Property Boulevard
  • Facilitate board of director's meetings and elections

Although our brick-and-mortar headquarters sits in beautiful Beverly Hills, California, we are pleased to offer superior landlord software solutions to everyone, everywhere. We talked with -and listened to- dozens of real-life landlords as we developed this software. We did the homework so we could provide landlords of all kinds with the computer programs that simplify their daily, monthly and annual duties.

When you are ready to know more about our proprietary landlord software and how it can streamline your day to day property management operations, give Property Boulevard a call at 888.333.1811

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