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How to Create an Effective Tenant Communication Strategy

How to Create an Effective Tenant Communication Strategy

Effective communication with the tenants is essential for efficient property management. It will help you keep the tenants in loop as well as retain the good ones. Tenants need to be heard and when they have issues with the property, they need it solved quickly. An effective communication framework can keep everything organized and under control.

If you have multiple residential or commercial properties, using a property management software is essential. You can use it to automate a lot of things including communication with tenants. The best thing about a property management system software is that you can customize it.

If you haven’t already designed a framework, you need to do it now for better results. Find out how you can create an effective communication strategy for better property management.

1. Lay Down the Foundation Early On

The first thing you need to do as a property owner is to lay down the foundation of effective communication. If you are using a property management system software, make sure the tenants are aware of it. Tell them how they can communicate with you and vice versa. Emails, calls, SMS and other methods should be mentioned.

It is important that you tell the tenants about the communication rules or framework. For instance, what type of information you will be sharing with them on daily basis. Tell them about the reminders and notifications.

You can design your own communication framework depending on your needs. Make sure that your tenants are clear about how the communication system works.

2. Daily Communications

Daily communication method can help property owners to keep the tenants aware of things like events and new amenities. You can use a property management software to automate communication and save time. A property management system software like Property Boulevard offers features that makes tenant communication easy. You can use the tenant management feature to ensure that everything is up to date. From rent payments to contracts, you can keep them updated with an effective communication framework.

3. Reminders and Notification

This is the type of communication you can easily automate with a property management software. You can send payment reminders, seasonal updates, information about lease expiration, renewal date and other things. Recurring messages like payment reminders are sent every month at a fixed date. You can automate the message and have peace of mind. You don’t have to do it again and again every month. You can use multiple delivery options, such as emails, SMS, or phone calls.

Emails and messages are more effective nowadays. It will also work as a copy of communication so that there is no issue in the future. At least, tenants cannot claim that you didn’t remind them of important notices.

4. Tenants Requests and Grievances

From time to time, your tenants will need help with a leaky faucet or clogged drains or other maintenance work. You have to make sure that you act quickly. If you don’t want to lose a good tenant then its important that you take care of the requests. The same goes for the grievances. Some tenants may have issues with the property or the way things are going. You have to have an effective communication strategy to deal with it.

It is important to get important message regarding the property maintenance and repair needs. Tenant look for property owners who can efficiently handle requests and resolve grievances. With an effective communication strategy, you can easily manage property management.

5. Crisis Communication

If you own a building and have tenants in there, you need to have crisis communication strategy. Crisis like fire, earthquake or any other natural and man-made disaster need to be handled carefully. You need to create a communication system where you can quickly inform the tenants. Emergency training or at least regular reminders of what needs to be done, can help tenants during the crisis.

Make sure that the tenants understand the procedure and fully aware of the steps they need to follow. Evacuating the building in time and safely are the most important things people need to remember during crisis situation.

The Bottom Line

Effective communication is key to effective property management. You need to create an effective strategy that meets your requirements. It will help you stay organized and efficiently resolve issues. You can use a property management software for making tenant communication easy and effective.

Property Boulevard is an efficient property management system software that offers a wide range of features. You can easily manage your multiple properties from one platform and stay organized and in control of everything. It is an easy to use tool which will save you both time and cost.

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