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Commercial Property Management Software

Commercial Property Management Software

Property Boulevard is a robust property management software with built-in features for commercial property management that can help you optimize the profitability of your retail, office, industrial and mixed-use real estate investments. Property Boulevard empowers landlords to tightly control property holdings at every stage of the property lifecycle. This is essential for landlords who seek to maximize their earnings and keep their tenants happy.

Get a Clearer Picture with Property Boulevard

Much more than another property accounting software, Property Boulevard empowers its users with many dynamic tools that enable landlords to streamline their workflow, simplify rent collection, implement rent increases, implement and adjust common area maintenance (CAM) fees, generate reports, save time and increase revenue. Property Boulevard makes it easy for landlords to analyze essential data, like construction/repair costs, property turnover, forecasting, reporting, and other valuable information.

Manage Your Expenses

Our proprietary commercial property management software features enable landlords to manage their expenses better than traditional accounting methods. With Property Boulevard, landlords can efficiently oversee and control every aspect of property construction/repairs, automate workflow, and track all costs. Such direct control gives you greater planning accuracy and better budget control. Property Boulevard is by far the most effective and efficient solution for managing the early stages of the property life cycle, enabling comprehensive management of the entire leasing process.

Streamline Property Prospecting and Maintenance

Property Boulevard also streamlines the prospecting process, allowing your properties to reach full occupancy quicker, which ultimately means increased revenue capture. Instead of posting your rental units on all of the major national and local "For Rent" sites, Property Boulevard does it for you. Just update your rental vacancy once, including images, square footage, and other rental unit details, and Property Boulevard will do the rest for you. Aside from prospecting, Property Boulevard streamlines the servicing and maintenance of your property by enabling owners, managers, and other privileged users to collaborate on one flexible and intuitive platform. For user convenience, your Property Boulevard executive dashboard can be accessed on all of your mobile devices.

Budgeting and Forecasting

You can build collaborative budgets with an easy to use web-based interface using data already in your Property Boulevard system. You'll be able to forecast years into the future and re-forecast as often as you need. With our unique, commercial property management software, you'll have a vast array of one-click reporting solutions at your fingertips. Our software features hundreds of standard reports and can be used to create custom reports so you can conduct fine-tuned analysis and view performance indicators of every aspect of your real estate business.

Download for a Free 30-Day Trial and Get to Know Your Dashboard

Property Boulevard has a powerful executive dashboard that organizes data and provides users with a visual representation of portfolio performance that is updated automatically in real time, allowing for more informed and educated business decisions.

Indeed, Property Boulevard is a commercial property management software solution that allows its users to maximize the performance and profitability of their real estate investments by delivering swift and accurate accounting management and reporting to the commercial real estate market.

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